May 11, 2023

End of Semester Tasks

The end of the Spring semester is coming soon. After the final grades are posted, and the course is closed for the students, you may want to have a last look at your course.

Each semester the course content must be copied from the old course to the new course. If the old content is checked, the copy content process is easier. Here are a few suggestions for the last course check:

Step 1: Course Cleanup

Each Blackboard course has a storage limit of 1 GB; Check Course Size. To reduce archived course size and free up space, Delete Unused Content and duplicate files. Let us know if you need support with the course Content Collection.

Step 2: Download Participation in Assessment

Download Assignment Files in a bulk process.

Collect and Print Discussions Posts if this tool was used during your course.

Step 3: Document Student Grades

Download Grades to Spreadsheet

Note: Please store any sensitive information (backups, grades, other student data) on department-approved secure storage; do not use a personal computer.

Download any additional documentation that may be required by your college.

For further information, please contact us at

Thank you, and have a great end of the semester!
The eLearning Team