Importing Grades from Blackboard to GUS



Hello, I’m Linda with the Registrar’s Office, and in this tutorial, I will show you how to import your grades from Blackboard to GUS. Let’s get started!

If you haven’t set up your column for grade import into GUS, please review that video before watching this one.

When you’re ready to import the grades, log into GUS, and go to the Grade Roster. Select the class that you would like to import the grades and click the Import Grades button above the student names. You will see the grades after the import is complete.

After you import the grades, there are two more steps to verify your grade roster.

First, check for grade import errors. If you see a grade import error log button, click it and you will be able to see what all the errors mean. Not all errors require corrections, but it is a good idea to review them. For a more detailed explanation of the errors, view the PDF document in the Blackboard resources center.

Next, check the grades for accuracy and look for exceptions. For instance, if a student has not completed all the assignments, Blackboard may have assigned a grade of F based on the calculations set up you have created there. If the student has been approved to receive an incomplete grade, you can make the adjustment in GUS by directly selecting the new grade from the dropdown. You will need to make these adjustments after the grades have been imported from Blackboard.

Once you finish reviewing the grades, you can set the approval status. Keep in mind that, once you change the status to “ready to review” or “approved,” you will no longer be able to import grades from Blackboard.

As always, don’t forget to save all the changes before you exit from the grade roster.

Congratulations! You are now ready to use this time-saving function to manage your grades. If you require further assistance, please contact us at