May 3, 2022

New Session Engagement Insights-Collaborate Ultra

Session Engagement Insights is a new tool companion in Collaborate Ultra. Now, moderators can view data on audience engagement during a live session! For example, moderators can see at-a-glance attendees’ interactions such as the number of hands raised and the number of chat messages sent throughout the session.

Please note: The Session Engagement Insights panel is only visible to moderators. Data automatically refreshes every 15 seconds.

The new Session Engagement Insights tool companion provides you with the following information:

  •  The total count of hands raised during the session
  • The proportion of attendees who raised their hands during the session
  • The total count of sent chat messages during the session
  • The proportion of attendees who sent chat messages during the session

Increase Student Engagement with Session Engagement Insights

Use Session Engagement Insights to improve and increase student engagement during your sessions. For example:

  1. Get a glance at your session engagement distribution: the proportion of attendees that raise their hands throughout the session gives you a qualitative perspective on how widespread your session engagement is. If you get to 100% it means that every attendee currently in the room has at some point participated by raising their hand.
  2. Keep track of your sessions’ engagement performance: take note at the end of each session of your Session Engagement Insights and see if you can improve engagement in the next session.
  3. Use the Session Engagement Insights Panel to help you understand how live adjustments to your session can impact engagement. Learn what works better to engage with your attendees.

Hands Raised and Chat Messages

During the session, attendees raise their hands and interact via chat to participate in the ongoing discussion. The Hands Raised section in the Session Engagement Insights panel shows moderators:

  • The total count of hands raised and chat messages sent by attendees throughout the session.
  • The proportion or percentage of attendees that raise their hands and send chat messages throughout the session.

Further Specifications

  • The Hands Raised section and Chat Messages section includes:
    • All roles that have attended the session. This means moderators are included.
    • Interactions in the main room, breakout rooms, and all chat channels.
  • The proportion of attendees is based on the current number of attendees in the session. If an attendee leaves the session:
    • The times the attendee raised hands remain in the total count of hands raised.
    • The attendee is no longer counted as part of the proportion of attendees that raised hands throughout the session.

For more information on Session Engagement Insights and how to interpret Session Engagement Insights, please contact us by email:

You may also visit the Blackboard Website for more information.