Teaching Tips

The Teaching Tips listed here have been taken from the monthly newsletter of the Educators Academy, Faculty Matters. We hope that these topics will assist you in your role as teaching faculty.

Active Strategies

Activating Prior Knowledge

Amplify Student Learning with the ANSWER

Helping Students Engage in Class Discussion

Is the Lecture Dead?

Structuring Class Discussions

Substitute CATS for Vague Questions

The Eight-Minute Lecture Keeps Students Engaged

The Interactive Lecture

Three Evidence-Based Approaches for Small Group Work

Using Cumulative Strategies to Help Students Retain Content – Part 1

Using Cumulative Strategies to Help Students Retain Content – Part 2

Ways We Turn Classroom Discussion into True Student Engagement

Classroom Management

Encourage Students to Come to Class Prepared

What are some “Best Practices” for the First Day of Class?

Enhancing Learning

A Systematic Approach to Supporting Diverse Learners

Are You More Concerned about Learning than your Students?

Can Grading Policies Enhance Learning?

Enhancing Collaborative Learning

Four Approaches to Deepen Student Learning

Help Students Learn

Help Students Think About Learning Instead of Grades

Help Students Help Themselves

Feedback & Assessment

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Questions

Balanced Feedback


Students Identify Teacher Characteristics and Behaviors that Help

Quizzes that Expand Engagement with Course Content

Zest, Grit and Sweat

Online Teaching

Engage Students with Online Variety

Five Lessons Online Faculty Can Use from the IRS

Teaching Improvement

Documenting Teaching and Improvement

Improving Your Teaching

Take Time to Refresh and Recharge

Why Are We So Slow to Change the Way We Teach?


Cell Phones in Class? Yes or No?