Locate Recordings in Collaborate Ultra



In this demonstration, I will show you how to locate your recordings in Collaborate Ultra.

After logging into Blackboard, click on the Courses tab.

Locate the course in which you wish to find your recordings.

Click the Collaborate Ultra link in the course menu — if you do not have a link in your menu, instructions are available upon request.

You are now in the Collaborate session home. Click the menu icon. A panel will now open.

Select Recordings. A list of your recent recordings will appear, along with other pertinent information about the recording. If you notice that your recording is not on the list and you’ve allowed ample time for the recording to process, you may need to filter your results. This is generally necessary when locating older videos. To do this, select the Filter By dropdown arrow.

Click Recordings and Arrange. From here, you can modify the dates to specify the starting and ending dates that you want to search. You can also search for recordings by the keywords used in the title of the recording. Click the search sessions icon on the top right side of the Recordings page.

Type in one or more keywords from the title of the recording. All videos with the keywords will appear on the list.

In a separate video, I will explain how to view and download your recordings.

Thank you for watching. If you have any questions about Collaborate Ultra, please feel free to reach out to us at BlackboardHelp@uams.edu.