How to Publish a Graded Storyline Project


Hello and welcome. In this brief demonstration, I will show you how to publish your Storyline project as a SCORM file in order to prepare to upload your project to Blackboard.

Open your Storyline project and then click on the publish button.

Next, on the left side of your screen, make sure you have selected LMS to publish your content. Under Output Options, select Scorm 1.2

Next, select the button titled Reporting and Tracking. Under LMS Reporting, click the dropdown menu next to Report Status to LMS as and then selected Passed/Failed.

Before we publish the project, let’s review the information located under the table titled Tracking. Please note, to enable tracking, I have added a results slide to the project. Future demonstrations will be made available to outline this process.

To publish your content, click the publish button.

Once the project has been published, select the button titled ZIP file. Locate the area on your system where you wish to save your SCORM file and click open.

As you can see, there are two files in the folder with the same name. The ZIP file is the file you will use to upload into Blackboard.

This now concludes our demonstration. When you’re finished publishing your content, click the close button to exit the pop-up window.

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