How to Locate Reports in Collaborate Ultra


Hi, this is Rhonda. In this short demonstration, I’m going to show you how to locate your attendance reports in Collaborate Ultra. Let’s go!

After logging into Blackboard, click the Courses tab. Now locate the course where you wish to review your Collaborate Ultra report. Now I’m going to click the link titled Collaborate Ultra.

You can view your reports by clicking on the button titled Session Options.

Select View Reports.

For the purpose of this demonstration, I am using my course room and I will select the report from July 23, 2021 by clicking on the link titled View Report. This report provides you with the attendance information for the session.

You can print a copy of this information by clicking the print link located under Export Report. You can also export this information to a CSV file.

For support, you’re provided with a session ID link. If assistance is required, you may be asked to provide this link to Blackboard Help.

Thanks for watching — If you have any questions about Collaborate Ultra, please feel free to reach out to us at