Collaborate Ultra: Important Things to Know


Hello, I’m Zac with the Office of Educational Development, and today we’ll be talking about Collaborate Ultra: Important Things to Know — Let’s get started!

  • If you are presenting for an event, either remotely or in person at UAMS, you will need to be on a wired internet connection. Collaborate Ultra is unreliable over wireless internet and, as a presenter, you may not always know if your connection is lost.
  • If you are presenting remotely, we recommend you join the session and connect to the host site at least fifteen minutes prior to make sure all equipment is working properly.
  • At this time, the only web browser fully compatible with Collaborate Ultra is Google Chrome. If Chrome is unavailable, Safari and Firefox are acceptable options.
  • Collaborate Ultra does not support Apple AirPlay.
  • Computers and laptops are preferred — some features cannot be accessed using mobile devices or tablets.

If you have any questions about classroom equipment, setup, or need assistance on-site for your event, please contact

If you need Collaborate Ultra training, please contact us by email at

Thanks for watching our video — if you need to access any other materials related to the use of Collaborate Ultra, visit our website.