Adding Triggers to a Storyline Project


Hi, I’m Rhonda and this demonstration will have a brief discussion about triggers and how they work in your Storyline project. Then, I’ll show you how to insert an Exit button on your results slide so your students can return to Blackboard. Let’s get started!

Here, on the far right side of the slide, you’ll notice an area titled Triggers. Triggers are essential to your project, as they tell the project how to behave when a user clicks on a button or to navigate throughout the presentation. You can add, delete, or change triggers as needed. We need to add an exit button and include a trigger.

Click here, on Insert. Click the dropdown arrow under Button.

Now, let’s select a new button from the options shown. Click to insert the button on your slide. Notice that I have placed the button on the slide where the users will be able to find it quickly.

Click here to add the exit trigger. The popup Trigger Wizard box will open. Let’s click here, next to Action, to locate our Exit trigger.

Now, scroll down until you find the trigger titled Exit Course and select it.

Once you’re finished adding your triggers, don’t forget to save your project. You are now ready to publish the project as a SCORM file. Demos for publishing your Storyline Projects are available on our website.

Thanks for viewing! For more information, feel free to contact us at — until next time!