Adding a Tool Link for Collaborate Ultra


Hi, this is Rhonda. In this demonstration, I’m going to show you how to add a tool link to your Blackboard course in the menu section for Collaborate Ultra — let’s get started!

After logging into Blackboard, you’ll come here, to your Institution page. Let’s click on the tab titled Courses.

Locate and open your course.

In the upper lefthand corner of the Course menu, you will find a circular icon with a plus sign in the center. Hover over this icon and click on tool link. Please make sure the edit mode is on to add the tool link to your Course menu.

In the text field located under Name, provide your link with a title. For consistency’s sake, I’m going to name it Collaborate Ultra. Now, click on the drop-down arrow under Type. From the drop-down menu, locate and select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Check the box next to Available to Users so that students will be able to see the link.

To finish, click the Submit button. My new Collaborate Ultra tool link is now available and visible to students in my Course menu.

To open and view my Collaborate Ultra course room and sessions, I will simply click the link.

This now concludes our demonstration. For more information or for assistance with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, please reach out to us at — thank you!