Teaching Scholars

Teaching Scholars is a high caliber professional development program to help faculty develop, evaluate, and disseminate innovative teaching practices that will enhance learning.


Participants will:

  • Conduct a literature search and review
  • Write a research purpose, question, or hypothesis
  • Complete an IRB human subjects research determination or research protocol
  • Apply best practices in survey methodology
  • Distinguish between study designs
  • Write an educational grant
  • Disseminate findings


  • Participants’ commitment: 10-months, Fall-Spring*
  • Online and face-to-face interactive seminars
  • Individualized project
  • Expert support, mentoring, and collaboration
  • Write a grant application
  • Review other grant applications
  • Present at a campus-wide seminar
  • Interact with a national expert

*Some individuals’ projects will necessarily extend beyond 10-months. The Office of Educational Development will continue to support these projects.