Publishing Respondus Files to Blackboard

1. Open Respondus 4.0 on your computer.

Respondus 4.0 icon

2. On the Respondus home page, Blackboard should be displayed in the Current Personality drop-down box.

On Respondus Start page the current Presonality should display Backboard

3. Click the Open button to open a Respondus file.

On the Start page select the Open button.

4. Select the desired file and click Open.

Select the desired file and click Open.

5. The Edit page displays. Click the Preview + Publish tab.

Go to Preview + Publish Tab

6. On the Preview + Publish tab, make sure Preview is selected on the left-hand menu, then click Preview the File.

Select Preview and use the Preview the file button.

7. Each question will preview. Click Modify Item to edit or click Close.

Preview questions. Use Modify Item or Close.

8. On the Preview + Publish tab, make sure Publish to Blackboard is selected on the left-hand menu, then click Publish Wizard.

On the Publish to Blackboard option use Publish Wizard button.

9. In the Publish Wizard window, select to publish to a single course or multiple courses.
Choose the server you added when you set up Respondus to publish to Blackboard. Refer to the related step-by-step if needed.
Click the Next button to connect to server.

On the Publish Wizard select a server and click Next.

10. Click OK to login to Blackboard.

Click OK on the Log into Blackboard window.

11. Use the red button to log in. After you logged in, close the window by using Close After Login.

Use the red button to log in and Close after login.

Note: You need to be enrolled as an instructor in the course. Edit mode must be ON in your Blackboard course.

12. From the Choose Course to publish to drop-down menu, select the destination course.

Choose a course to publish.

13. Select the option to either Create or Replace Exam/Survey or Pool. Select the additional options and click the Next button.

Use Create pool option and click Next.

14. The status will update until a Completed successfully message is displayed. Click Finish. Check for the newly uploaded materials in your Blackboard course under Course Management > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys, and Pools.

Click Finish when the process is complete.