How to Upload Files

On the Course Content page, you can upload files. If allowed by the browser, some files open in a new window or tab.

Supported file types include DOC, DOCX, HTM, HTML, MP4, MPG, PDF, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, RTF, TXT, ZIP, and most image types.

1. To add files, select the plus sign ( plus sign ) on the Course Content page at the desired location. Choose the Upload button from the menu.

On the Content page use the + sign button to add content and choose Upload.

2. Select the desired file(s) and click Open.

Select a file and click Open.

3. The file is displayed on the Course Content page. By default, the file is Hidden from students. To preview the file, click on its name.

Note: In most browsers, you can select where the files that you open in courses are downloaded. For example, in Chrome, navigate to Settings > Advanced > Downloads. You can select the location for file downloads and choose if you want the browser to ask each time. In Safari, you have the same capabilities. Navigate to Preferences > General > File download location. You can perform an internet search to learn about file download choices in other browsers.

The ellipsis button provides More Options.

Use the ellipsis button for More Options.

Note: Files can also be uploaded by using other methods; see how to upload files with the Text Editor in our documentation.