How to Set Up a Session in
Class Collaborate

1. Access the Collaborate Ultra tool within you Blackboard course and click the Create Session button.Screenshot of Collaborate sessions area with arrow pointing to Create Sessions button.

2. A panel will appear that allows you to customize the settings for your session. Add a title next to Session Name.

Screenshot of Event Details area with arrow pointing to text area where users enter the title of the session.

3. Next, under Event Details continue to provide your session details. Enter your start/end dates and times. You can also elect to leave the session open with no end date, repeat the session, and determine how early participants can enter the session.

Screenshot of the event details area where users enter the start and end dates and times.

4. To view and edit Session Settings, click on the icon shown here.

Screenshot of Event Details area with an arrow pointing toward the Session Settings tab.

5. The Session Settings menu allows you modify session settings and manage participant privileges.

Screenshot of Session Settings menu.

6. Once finished, click Create at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot of the Create and Cancel buttons.

7. Your session will now appear on the session list on the Collaborate home screen.

Screenshot of the newly created session in the sessions area of Collaborate.