How to Login to Blackboard

In order to log in to Blackboard you will need to know your UAMS username and password.

1. Click the red UAMS Login button.

UAMS login page; choose the red button

  • If you are logged in to the computer with your UAMS credentials, you will be logged in toBlackboard directly.
  • If you are not using your UMAS credentials to log in to your computer, then follow the next steps.

2. Do one of the following when prompted:

a. If you see the following screen type
Ex: or

on the sign-in page, type your username followed by

Note: this login format may look like an email address, but it contains your username followed by

b. If you see the following screen then click your username.

choose your account from login the prompt

3. You are now logged in to Blackboard. If you have issues logging in please contact the UAMS Help Desk at (501) 686-8555 or at