How to Deploy an Enterprise Survey

After you created a survey, you can deploy it. By this process you will send the survey out to participants.

1. In the course menu, select Tools. Click on Enterprise Surveys to open the tool.

Screenshot of Red arrow pointing to Tools under the Blackboard menu area.

2. Hover your mouse over the survey and click the chevron ( chevron ) for the options menu then click Response Periods.

Screenshot of Enterprise Survey page with a rectangle around the drop-down chevron with the related menu expanded displaying the option for the survey. A rectangle is circling Response Periods.

3. Click Create Response Period on the Respond Period Page.

Screenshot of Response Periods page with a rectangle around Create Response Period.

4. Use the appropriate naming convention to enter the Response Period Name and click Save and Continue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to appropriately name your response period based on established naming conventions, so you can easily retrieve the results.

Rectangle circling the Response Period name and an arrow pointing to the Save and Continue button.

5. On the Select Recipients page click Find Courses.

Screenshot of Select Recipients page with a rectangle around the button titled Find Courses.

6. In the pop-up, use the search bar to find the course you wish to deploy the survey. Click the checkbox beside the desired course and click Submit.

Screenshot of the pop-up and a rectangle circling the search bar and an arrow pointing to the submit button.

7. Click Calculate. The number that appears should match the number of recipients that you expect to survey.

Screenshot of the recipient page with a rectangle circling the calculate button.

8. After Approximate Recipients has displayed click Save and Continue.

Screenshot of the approximate number of recipients displayed and an arrow pointing to the save and Continue button.

9. Check the box by Email then click Save and Continue.

Note: You have the option to change the default email message on this page.

Screenshot with a rectangle around Email and an arrow pointing to Save and Continue.

10. On the Scheduling page you can set your survey start dates, end dates, and automated survey reminders. These settings will depend on your unique requirements.
The following screenshot shows an example of a survey that will last one week.

Screenshot of the Scheduling page displaying the start and end dates of the survey.

Note: Do Not Check Release Survey Results. This will share the results with all course instructors. Instructor do not need to see other instructor’s evaluations.

11. Click Save and Exit. The button may say Save and Send Now if you set the survey to send now.

Screenshot of the Cancel and Save and Exit buttons.