How to Create Folders

On the Course Content page, you can create folders to organize your content.

1. To add folders, select the plus sign ( plus sign ) on the Course Content page at the desired location.
2. Choose the Create button from the menu.

On the Content page use the plus sign to add content and choose Create.

3. A new window opens to display the Create Item menu. Choose Folder from the Course Content Items list.

On the Create Item window choose folder.

4. Type the folder name, select to keep it hidden or make it available, and type a description. Click Save at the bottom.

Type the folder name, select to keep it hidden or open it for users, and optionally type a description. Click Save.

5. The new folder is displayed on the Course Content page.
You can use the ellipsis button for More Options (Edit or Delete).
Click the chevron button to open the folder to add content.

Use the ellipsis button to edit or delete the folder. Use the chevron to add content to the folder.

Note: You can create two levels of folders to organize your content. After you already have two levels of folders, you can’t create a third level or upload a folder into the second-level folder. You cannot add learning modules to a folder.