How to Copy Content Into a New Course

A new Blackboard course will be created each semester for all active courses as determined by the Registrar’s Office. The process described in this document allows instructors to copy content from an old course to the newly created course shell.

You should be enrolled as an instructor for both the old course and the new course. Through this process, you can copy content from Blackboard Original or Blackboard Ultra to Blackboard Ultra courses.

1. Open your new course. Click the ellipses button at the top of the Course Content. Choose Copy Items.

Use the ellipses button on the course Content area to access the Copy Items option.

2. To copy all course content from a desired course, select the box next to the respective course name and click the Start Copy button.

Select the desired course from the Copy Items window.

Note: If you need to copy only specific items from a course, select the arrow at the right to the course name, make your selection, and continue the process.

3. The copy process is processed.

The copy content process is running.

4. When the process is complete, the new content displays in your course. You can review the copy process issues. Click the View Details link.

After the copy content process is complete review the process details.

5. The Copy Details window will display the items that were not copied correctly.

Copy Details window displays the issues.

6. If you exited the course and want to review the Copy Details items again, you can do so from the Course Content ellipses button.

Review the copy process issues from the ellipses button on the Content page.

7. Please let us know if you have any questions about the copy content process at