How to Analyze Enterprise Survey Results

After you create a survey and deploy it you will be able to retrieve and analyze the results.

1. In the course menu, select Tools. Click on Enterprise Surveys to open the tool.

Screenshot of Red arrow pointing to Tools under the Blackboard menu area.

2. On the Enterprise Surveys page click the number to the right of your survey name. This will take you to the Response Periods page.

Screenshot of the Enterprise Survey page with an arrow pointing to Response Groups and a rectangle circling the number of responses.

3. If necessary, enter search criteria to find your desired Response Period and click Go.

Screenshot of Response Periods with rectangle circling Search area.

4. Hover your mouse over the desired Response Period and click the chevron ( chevron ) for the options menu. Select Analyze Results.

Screenshot of Response Periods page with a rectangle circling the drop down menu chevron and another rectangle circling Analyze Results.

5. On the Analyze Survey Results page click View Results.

Screenshot of Analyze Results Survey page with an arrow pointing to View Results.

6. You should now be able to see the Survey Results.

Screenshot of Survey Results page.

7. If you need to save and/or send a report as a PDF file, use the Print Report feature.

Screenshot of survey results with arrow pointing to Print Report.

Note: Printable View with Comments will include students’ comments from the open response questions.