End of Semester Tasks for Courses

Step 1: Course Cleanup
To reduce archived course size and free up space, delete unused content and duplicate files. Check Course Size (Link) and let us know if you need support deleting files from the course Content Collection.

Step 2: Document Student Grades and Participation

  • Download Grades to Spreadsheet (Link)  external site icon
  • Download Assignment files (Link)  external site icon
  • There is no direct way to download the Discussions posts in Blackboard Ultra, but you can download them from the browser. Please let us know if you need support downloading Discussions posts.
  • Download any additional documentation that may be required by your college.

Note: Please store any sensitive information (backups, grades, other student data) on department-approved secure storage; do not use a personal computer.

For further information please contact us at BlackboardHelp@uams.edu