Organizing the Grade Center

Getting Started with Grade Center (web)

Changing Grading Schema for Letter Grades (pdf)

Creating a User-Friendly Gradebook (pdf)

Customizing the Grade Center (video)

Adding a New Column to the Grade Center (pdf)

Hiding and Showing a Column in the Grade Center (pdf)

Removing Columns from the Grade Center (pdf)

Moving Grade Center Columns (pdf)

Changing the Name of a Grade Center Column (pdf)

Color Coding Grade Ranges in the Grade Center (pdf)

Color Coding Grade Status in the Grade Center (pdf)

Creating Smart Views (video)

Creating Smart Views for Group Grading (pdf)

Calculated Columns

Creating a Calculated Average Column (pdf)

Creating a Calculated Minimum / Maximum Column (pdf)

Creating a Calculated Total Column (pdf)

Creating a Calculated Weighted Column (pdf)

Creating Running Weighted Grade Totals Column (pdf)