The Teaching Scholars Program, offered by the Office of Educational Development, is a one-year, intensive professional development program for selected faculty who aim to:

  • Strengthen their educational foundations and enhance their teaching skills through quality research activities.
  • Extend their educational research skills by translating their teaching activities into scholarly work.


The Teaching Scholars Program seeks to strengthen the educational programs of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences by:

  • Improving the educational skills of its faculty through teaching and learning research.
  • Nurturing the development of a group of faculty who actively engage in the scholarship of teaching.


  • Provide faculty who seek to become better teachers a way to gain knowledge and skills about adult learning, the principles of teaching and learning, development of curricula and instructional materials, and educational research.
  • Produce teaching scholars who will continue their own education in health professions education, mentor and educate other faculty in the methods of educational excellence, and disseminate their scholarly work.

Expectations of Scholars

  • The Teaching Scholars program hosts scheduled activities approximately twice a month. Group sessions will usually be held on┬áMondays from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. in the Flex Learning Center. Attendance for each session is expected. A schedule of topics/sessions for the 2018 – 2019 academic year is available here. Please check the Teaching Scholars’ site often for updates.
  • Completion of working group meetings and self-directed exercises are key to each scholar’s success.
  • Teaching Scholars are expected to complete an educational project. Projects from Teaching Scholars graduates can be viewed on our website. The best projects are those that are within your interest and/or address needs or issues faced by your program or department. Scholars are expected to plan and carry out an educational project by July 2018, and give a┬áten- to 15-minute presentation about the status of their project. Ideally, scholars’ projects will also be presented in scholarly mediums (e.g., peer-reviewed presentation, publication, etc.).