Educational Grant


Grant applications are open to all Educators Academy members at the Associate level or above, regardless of rank or tenure status.

Watch for the Educators Academy Educational Grant Applications  to be advertised in late fall and awarded for the July 1, 2020 fiscal year.


The educational grant offered by the UAMS Educators Academy fosters educational scholarship at UAMS and promotes faculty development for teaching and learning.

Description of Award

The Educators Academy encourages innovations that improve educational outcomes at UAMS. The Academy provides grant funds for projects that:

  • enhance existing courses,
  • develop new courses,
  • develop new modes of instruction,
  • evaluate instruction, or
  • assess curricular needs.

The Academy encourages projects that respond to trends in education, such as active learning, educational technology, and interprofessional teaching. Travel requests may be submitted for these funds; however, preference will be given to projects conducting work on educational innovations leading to better learning outcomes for UAMS students.


One award, or more, depending on funding, of up to $2500 is awarded each spring.  The grant period is one year with projects expected to run July 1 of the award year through June 30 of the following year.