Chancellor’s Teaching Award Application

Please complete the form below.  In addition to the online form, the items list below must also be submitted as a single, electronic, *.pdf in the following order:

1. Endorsement form signed by the nominee’s Program Director, Department Chair, Associate Provost, or Dean.

2. One-page executive summary of the nomination packet information.

3. Nomination letter by applicant or nominator describing how the nominee has fulfilled the award criteria. The nomination should be appropriate for introducing the nominee at commencement and should not exceed two, double-spaced pages.

4. The nominee’s Curriculum Vitae in a brief format (four pages or less).

5. Two letters of support addressing the nominee’s excellence in one or more of the award criterion areas from individuals knowledgeable about the nominee’s work. Additional letters will not be reviewed.

6. Supporting documentation –examples include, student or peer teaching evaluation summaries, teaching awards and honors, links to online materials and other evidence to support the accomplishments noted in the application. This could include
formal documentation of presentations or scholarly papers related to these accomplishments. For materials that cannot be uploaded as a *.pdf, please contact for submission information.

Chancellor's Teaching Award Nomination

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