Download Recordings with
Class Collaborate

In order to enable downloads, the instructor first will need to do the following:

1. Under Details & Actions, click on the three ellipses (More Options icon) next to Class Collaborate and select Manage all sessions.

Screenshot of Details and action area with an arrow pointing toward the Class Collaborate More Options ellipses. Class Collaborate menu is open displaying menu options. An arrow is pointing toward Manage all Sessions.

2. Click the Session Options icon ( options icon ) located on the far-right-hand corner of the session you wish to edit and select Edit settings.

Session settings menu with an arrow pointing toward Edit settings

3. Click the Session Settings submenu ( gear icon ). Under Recording, check the box next to “Allow recording downloads”. Scroll down and click Save.

Screenshot of Session settings area with an arrow pointing toward Allow Recording downloads

4. Students may click on the More Options icon next to Class Collaborate and then select View all Recordings.

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5. Next, click the options icon ( options icon ) on the right-hand side of the screen next to the recording the student wishes to download and select Download from the menu.

Screenshot of arrow pointing toward Download.