Course Design Ideas

There are lots of instructional approaches and software tools that can help faculty create engaging and interactive online activities and modules. But where to start?  Check out our growing Course Design Gallery in the UAMS Blackboard site for examples.  You can search for examples by subject, strategy, or tool.   If you would like us to design or build an interactive module or learning object with a tool you don’t currently have, please complete an OED Assistance Request form.

To enroll in the Course Design Gallery:

  • Go to the UAMS Blackboard site at and login with your UAMS credentials.
  • Click the Organizations tab on the left menu.
  • Click the Organization Catalog at the top right.
  • Change the Browse Categories drop down to Self Enrollable Communities and click Go.
  • Find Course Design Gallery in the list, hover over its Organizational ID, and click Enroll from the drop-down menu. You’ll only need to click Submit when the confirmation page appears.
  • The Course Design Gallery should then appear in your Organizations.