Collaborate Ultra:
Important Things You Should Know

1. If you are presenting for an event either remotely or in person at UAMS, you will need to be on a wired internet connection. Collaborate Ultra is unreliable over wireless, and as a presenter, you may not always know if your connection is lost.

2. If you are presenting remotely, we recommend you join the session and connect to the host site at least fifteen minutes prior to make sure all equipment is working properly.

3. At this time, the only web browser fully compatible with Collaborate Ultra is Google Chrome. If Chrome is unavailable, Safari and Firefox are acceptable options.

4. Collaborate Ultra does not support Apple Airplay.

5. Preferred devices are computers/laptops or tablets. Some features cannot be accessed using a mobile phone.

6. Instructors: If you have any questions about classroom equipment or setup or need assistance onsite for your event, please contact

7. Instructors: If you need training related to the use of Collaborate Ultra, please request training by emailing

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