Blackboard Course Size Troubleshooting and Best Practices

When a course’s size quota is exceeded, certain actions can be taken to ensure that the course is brought below the 1 GB (or 1,024 MB) limit.

Note: Instructors of courses exceeding the quota limit will NOT be able to add additional material to the course until it is brought below the allotted limit.

How to Check Your Course Size
1. Enter the course. On the Content page click the + button to add content and choose Content Collection.

On the Content page click the + button to add content and choose Content Collection.

2. Click Browse Content Collection.

On the Content Collection window click the Browse Content Collection button.

3. At the top of the Browse Content Collection window, you will see the Available Quota. Your course needs to be below 1 GB (1,024 MB) of used space.

On the Browse Content Collection window look for the Available Quota notice.


Best Practice: Reduce Your Course Size
1. Regularly clean out your course files area to remove duplicate files or unused files. Please contact us for instructions if you need to delete course files.
2. Video: Link to videos rather than upload video files to a course. You can upload your videos to your UAMS Box account, YouTube, Vimeo, or other media server sites and then link to them within a course. Be mindful of intellectual property rules. For example, it might not be legal to host a video from National Geographic on Vimeo, even if you licensed it to use in a course.
3. Upload slide decks to SlideShare or images to Flickr®. You can easily embed these elements in your course with the Blackboard Learn add content tool.
4. Reduce file sizes. Before uploading, reduce file sizes for the following:

a. Microsoft Office Files: Use the tools available in Microsoft Office to reduce the file size for PowerPoint and Word files. The Reduce File Size option is located in the File menu. You can also save files as PDFs before uploading, which often makes smaller, read-only versions of the files.
b. Images: Use a graphics program to resize images for screen viewing before uploading.
c. Audio: Use software to resample or trim audio files to reduce their size.

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