September 13, 2021

How to Embed an Online Video in PowerPoint 365


Hello — I’m Zac with the Office of Educational Development and today we’re learning how to embed an online video in PowerPoint 365.

First, we need an online video. I have selected one from our friends at Blackboard. Next, copy the URL from the Address bar of your browser by highlighting it and using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + c. After you have done this, navigate to PowerPoint 365.

Then, make sure your file is open in PowerPoint 365 on the slide you wish to insert the video on.

Navigate to the Insert tab on the ribbon and select Online Video.

Paste your URL in the dialog box using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + v, then select insert. You should now see the video on your slide and can move or resize it however you want.

Congratulations! You can now embed an online video into your PowerPoint 365 file. Visit the link on the screen if you need further assistance.