April 19, 2021

Video Learning May Be More Effective Than In-Person Lectures

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According to a recent study published in Review of Educational Research, video learning may be more effective than people think.

The study looked at a sample of 7,776 students and found that, when students learned from a video instead of an in-person lecture, there was a slight increase in average grade. However, when students received in-person instruction and video lessons, there was a more drastic increase in average grades.

Michael Noetel, the study’s lead author and a psychologist at Australian Catholic University, says this could be because educators “cut out all the rubbish and [they] edit [themselves] to be more concise.” Students can control the learning materials, which means they’re much more likely to catch up if they miss something.

Noetel also went on to discuss the limitations of video learning, stating that, while videos help students learn more effectively, there is an accessibility issue that must be overcome. “So many learners don’t have the privilege of high-speed internet, or even their own device…they can’t get everywhere and to everybody.”

To conclude, video is an educational tool that, when used effectively, can positively impact learner outcomes. Utilizing it both inside and outside the classroom results in better grades and a greater comprehension of the source material.