Blackboard How-To

Blackboard Access

  • How to Login to Blackboard (PDF) (Video)
  • How to Make Your Course Available to Students (PDF)

Main Course Interface and Course Content

  • Course Navigation Guide (Video) (Link)
  • How to Preview Your Course as a Student (Video) (Link)
  • Copy Course Content (PDF)
  • Check Course Size (PDF)
  • Extending Course Shell End Date (PDF)
  • End of Semester Tasks for Courses (PDF)

Course Content

  • How to Organize Files in the Content Collection (PDF)
  • How to Link Files for Student Access (Video)

Communication tools

  • How to Send a Course Announcement (Video) (Link)
  • How to Send Course Messages (Video) (Link)
  • How to Send an Email from Your Course (Video) (Link)

Grade Center

  • How to Access the Grade Center (Link)
  • How to Grade Discussions (Link)
  • How to Grade an Assignment (Video) (Link)
  • How to Grade a Test (Link)

Discussion Boards

  • How to Set Up and Interact within a Discussion Board (Video) (Link)
  • How to Grade Discussions (Link)


  • How to Create an Assignment (Video) (Link)
  • How to Grade an Assignment (Video) (Link)
  • Managing Due Dates for All Assignments (Link)
  • About SafeAssign (Link)
  • Setting Up a SafeAssign Assignment (PDF)
  • How to View Originality Report (Link)

Tests and Quizzes

  • How to Create and Deploy a Test using Respondus 4.0 (PDF) (PDF) (Link)
  • Setting Test Options (PDF)
  • Setting Test Availability Exceptions (PDF)
  • How to Download and License Respondus 4.0 (PDF)
  • How to Connect Respondus 4.0 to Your Blackboard Course (PDF)
  • How to Set Up a Proctored Exam: Respondus Lockdown Browser Plus Additional Resources (PDF) (Video) (Link)
  • How to Set Up a Proctored Exam: Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor Plus Additional Resources (PDF) (Video) (Link)
  • Showing Test Results and Feedback to Students (PDF)

Collaborate Ultra: How To

  • Features and Benefits (PDF)
  • User Guide (PDF)
  • How to Set Up a Session (PDF)
  • How to Share Content (PDF)
  • How to Locate a Recording Link (PDF)
  • How to Download a Recording (PDF)
  • How to View a Session Report (PDF)
  • Transferring Collaborate Ultra Recordings to New Course (PDF)

Blackboard Helpful Links

  • Blackboard Guide for Instructors (Link)
  • Video Tutorials for Instructors (Link)