Most materials were developed by Blackboard Incorporated or UAMS Office of Educational Development — all others are labeled.

Course Design

Goals and Objectives

Content Comp and Structure

Learner Engagement

  • Brownbag Training: Building interactivity in Blackboard Courses
  • Brownbag Training: Basic Collaborate Ultra with Security Settings
  • Brownbag Training: Collaborate Ultra Tools & Tips for Interactivity
  • Are Your Courses Exemplary? (Link) (PDF)

Technology Use

Accessibility of Course Design


Interaction and Collaboration

Communication Strategies

  • Brownbag Training: Asynchronous/Synchronous Discussions: Bb Discussion Tool/Breakout Rooms Collaborate Ultra
  • Blackboard Training: Blackboard Communication Tools – Engaging Learners
  • Brownbag Training: Blogs, Wikis, Journal, and Discussions in Blackboard. What’s the Difference?
  • Brownbag Training: Building Interactivity in Blackboard Courses
  • Brownbag Training: Communication Tools in Bb
  • How to Send a Course Announcement (Video) (Link)
  • How to Send Course Messages (Video) (Link)
  • How to Send an Email from Your Course (Video) (Link)
  • How to Set Up and Interact Within a Discussion Board (Video) (Link)

Development of Learning Community

Interaction Logistics


Learner Expectations

  • Brownbag Training: Blackboard Grade Center and Rubrics
  • Brownbag Training: Goals
  • Brownbag Training: Course Reports (Goals Outcomes Performance)

Assessment Design

Learner Self-Assessment

Learner Support

Orientation to Course and LMS

  • Training: Blackboard Basics Sessions 1, 2, and 3
  • Course Syllabus

Instructor Info and Communication

  • Training: Blackboard Basics Session 1
  • Brownbag Training: Monitoring Your Students (Course & Student Analytics, Course Reports)
  • Course Syllabus

Course/Institution Policies

  • Blackboard Exemplary Rubric (Link) (PDF)
  • Course Syllabus
  • Student Analytics