Creating and Deploying Tests

Before deploying a test

Creating a Test (video | pdf)

Importing and Exporting Tests between Courses (pdf)

Setting Options for Test Questions (pdf)

Adding Questions to A Test (pdf)

Creating a Multiple Choice Question (video)

Creating a Matching Question (video)

Creating a True-or-False Question (video)

Creating a Fill-in-the-Blank Question (video)

Creating a Fill-in-the-Blank Question with Multiple Correct Answers (video)

Creating a Calculated Formula Question (video)

Creating a Calculated Numeric Question (video)

Creating a Multiple Answer Question (video)

Creating a Short Answer Question (video)

Creating a Hot Spot Question (video)

Creating a Jumbled Sentence Question (video)

Creating a Likert Question (video)

Creating an Ordering Question (video)

Creating a Quiz Bowl Question (video)

Adding an Image to A Test Question (pdf)

Creating a Pool of Reusable Questions (video | pdf)

Finding Questions to Reuse (pdf)

Setting Question Point Values (pdf)

Setting Up Extra Credit Questions (pdf)

Awarding Negative Points to Incorrect Answers (video)

Creating Groups of Randomized Questions: Two Options (pdf)

Creating a Random Block of Questions (pdf)

Creating a Set of Randomized Questions (pdf)

Editing a Test (pdf)

Deploying a Test (pdf)

Setting Test Options (pdf)

Showing Test Results and Feedback to Students (pdf)

Setting Test Availability Exceptions (pdf)

Adjusting Test Dates and Times (pdf)

Adding a My Grades Link to the Course Menu (pdf)

Creating a Survey (pdf)

Deploying A Survey (pdf)

Viewing Survey Results (pdf)

After deploying a test

Submitting A Student Attempt (pdf)

Automatic Regrading of A Submitted Test (video | pdf)

Deleting a Question from A Submitted Test (pdf)

Changing the Correct Answer after A Submitted (pdf)

Changing Point Values after A Submitted Test (pdf)

Retention Center Overview (video | pdf)

Customizing Retention Center Rules (pdf)